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Signal Cartel members appear in podcasts, write blogs, and are otherwise represented in EVE media outside the game on a regular basis. Here are links for your enjoyment and edification.


The Official Beginner's Guide to EVE Online

  • EVE Academy (launched by CCP Games in 2021)
    • Signal Cartel is listed as a recommended in-game training corporation

Online Gaming Articles

  • MMOGames - The "Jaw Droppingly Insane" EVE Online Star System Run, April 2022
  • PC Gamer – The 9-year Journey to Explore Each of EVE Online’s 7,805 Systems, November 2019
  • Polygon – One Player Spent 10 years Exploring Every Corner of Eve Online, April 2019
  • Kotaku – EVE Online Player is the First to Visit Every Star System In The Game, March 2019
  • Kotaku - It's Never Too Late To Start Exploring, Battling, Or Running Scams In EVE Online, November 2018
  • PC Gamer – Meet EVE’s Search and Rescue Task Force, March 2018

New Eden Travellers Video Series

Famed explorers of New Eden, Katia Sae and Mark726, together with Signal Cartel bring some of the sights and lore of the cluster to life in this new series.

Guinness World Records

EVE Online Presentations

Social Media, Channels, and Streams

Selected Articles, Videos, and Media Mentions


Selected Signaleer Blogs

Signal Cartel Q&A Sessions

We have produced a series of Q&As featuring prominent EVE players talking about a wide range of topics. They are recorded and publicly available at the links below. If you would would like to do a Q&A session for Signal Cartel on your area of expertise or playstyle, community work, or other EVE-related activity, get in touch with Signal Cartel Leadership or any Signal Cartel member you may already know to schedule a session. Info and guidelines for Q&A guests can be found here.