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The New Eden Word Bank (NEWB) is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox designed to help new players understand EVE-related jargon they see while reading webpages.


EVE Online is a deep and complex game that demands a lot of upfront reading and research in order for a player to become proficient. However, the source material is often filled with EVE-related acronyms and jargon that can potentially frustrate and confuse new capsuleers. The New Eden Word Bank (NEWB) provides over 350 definitions to EVE-related terms and can even translate entire webpages to help players understand the unique lingo of EVE.

The New Eden Word Bank was developed by A Dead Parrot

NEWB Features

  • Single Term Lookup: players can lookup any term in the NEWB dictionary and get the full definition if one exists
    • To use - highlight the term, right click, and select Search selection in New Eden Word Bank
  • Entire Page Translation: decipher the entire webpage which will auto-replace jargon on the current page with plain language. ie: “MWD” will be replaced with “MWD (Microwarp Drive)”
    • To use - right click anywhere on the page and select Translate page with New Eden Word Bank
    • This option, however, does not replace every term it finds. There are many more terms in the dictionary than are used in the full-page translation.
    • It also does not provide the full definitions. For these terms, or to get a more in-depth definition, please use the single term lookup feature.


NEWB Example


NEWB is compatible with both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.



Original forum posts: Introducing NEWB (New Eden Word Bank) and New Tool to Help New EVE Pilots!