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Welcome to The Explorer's Compendium, the wiki knowledge vault of Signal Cartel!

Signal Cartel is part of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance. The corp and alliance are peaceful, neutral, and focused on activities related to exploration content in EVE Online. The most defining characteristic of our playstyle is our Credo.

🆘Stranded in a Wormhole? Contact Us!🆘

Public Services and Tools:

While most of the wiki is accessible to Signal Cartel members only, a list of Public Pages is available that outlines important information regarding our corp and the services we provide to the greater EVE community. Additionally, the Signal Cartel website is an excellent public resource.

If a career in exploration interests you, please consider Joining Us. We would love to have you aboard!

NOTE: For members of Signal Cartel, please Log In with EVE Online to access our members-only wiki pages.