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The Explorer's Compendium (Signal Cartel Wiki) utilizes EVE Online Single Sign On (SSO), an authentication only client, and does not have access to any of your personally identifiable information (PII) or account information. Registered users are solely identified by their EVE Online in-game character names. Therefore, voluntary disclosure of any PII or sensitive information is at a users own risk. Protection of such information is not implied nor guaranteed.

The Explorer's Compendium is collaboratively developed by its users using MediaWiki software. Anyone with Internet access and a valid Signal Cartel account (who is not otherwise restricted from doing so) may edit the pages of this site after logging in as a registered user. By doing so, editors create a published document, and a record of every word added, subtracted, or changed. This is a visible act, and editors are identified as the author of such changes. All contributions made to a page, and all information about those contributions, are irrevocably licensed and may be freely copied, quoted, reused, and adapted by Signal Cartel, its members, and third parties with few restrictions (adapted from the UniWiki of EVE University).