Public:EvE-Scout Thera Shared Bookmarks

NOTE: Now also includes Turnur bookmarks!

EvE-Scout Wormhole Connections is a free public service tasked with scanning and documenting the ever-changing wormhole connections into and out of Thera and Turnur for the benefit of all capsuleers. "We scout so you don't have to."

Thera and Turnur wormhole connections are shared two ways:

Where Can I Find the Public Bookmark Folder?

Please join the EvE-Scout in-game channel. The link for the EVE-Scout \\ Thera public bookmark folder is in the MOTD.


Use at your own risk. Thera and Turnur Shared Bookmarks are offered as a public service to the greater New Eden community. Pilots are expected to take reasonable steps to ascertain that the provided bookmark(s) are valid/safe. EvE-Scout and Signal Cartel cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss due to damages resulting from their use.

Why Is the Bookmark Folder Not Always Synchronized with

For security reasons, all in-game bookmarks are vetted before they are placed into the EVE-Scout \\ Thera public bookmark folder. Therefore, the wormhole connections will show up first. Until the in-game bookmarks are vetted, you will have to scan down the sigs yourself. Conversely, this means that expired bookmarks may be present in the bookmark folder as their removal is sometimes delayed.

Therefore, will ALWAYS provide our most up-to-date Thera and Turnur wormhole connection information.


The EvE-Scout Wormhole Connections project is crowdsourced. The high-quality information that we supply is contributed by our excellent Signal Cartel Thera and Turnur scouts. Our scouts are compensated by the generous donations of those that find our service invaluable.

Please send your donations to the in-game corp "EvE-Scout".

Donations of 1 million ISK or larger are posted on


Please reach out, we're here to help.