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Hello and Welcome to Signal Cartel!

The Signal Cartel New Member Orientation Guide is designed to help you get started on your journey as a “Signaleer”, our affectionate name for a Signal Cartel capsuleer. It also provides critical information on our policies, communication channels, apps, services, and divisions within the corp. If you are new to EVE, we have a number of resources available to help you develop the skills and knowledge to successfully explore New Eden. We regularly run a number of classes on many aspects of the game that are designed for new and experienced pilots alike.

Please note that Signal Cartel utilizes EVE Online to verify your identity and corp membership.  For possibly the first 24 hours after you join us, you may be unable to access our non-public/protected corp systems and assets.  Read below for more info regarding this topic. 

The Credo

From the moment you joined Signal Cartel, our Credo is no longer an abstract idea. Every action of a Signaleer is expected to be compliant with the Credo.

Some Credo statements, such as prohibition of “initiating aggression on other players’ ships, pods, or deployed structures,” are unambiguous, and there is no excuse to breach such requirements. Others describe concepts and ideals that may be subject to interpretation. For example, the meaning of neutrality has been a topic of some robust debates within the corporation. A Credo-compliant course of action may not be obvious in every situation; Signaleers are expected to use their best judgement and, if in doubt, discuss the options with experienced corp mates and management.

In addition to the Credo, Signal Cartel has a number of policies which corp members must know and follow. You will get access to all policies within 24 hours of joining the corp but for now please take note of our Code of Conduct and Kill Reporting Policy.

Code of Conduct

In addition to the Credo, we have a family-friendly rule, both in both language and topic, for all in- and out-of-game communications channels/platforms. This extends to character biographies, character names, and includes any linked content. Many of our members have children or early teens who may be watching or listening to them play. We therefore do not tolerate toxic, vulgar, hateful, mean-spirited, or foul-natured conduct or language. We do not tolerate drama or rabble-rousing. The one thing we hear most often from departing or returning members is that “this is the nicest corp and group of people I’ve ever met in a game” and that is exactly how we aim to keep it.

Furthermore, Signal Cartel members recognize the dignity and worth of every person in New Eden. Our aim is to create a climate of understanding and mutual respect so that each person feels a part of and is able to contribute to our community. To that end, discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to age, sex, gender, sexual identity, nationality, or ethnicity, is not tolerated.

Lastly, please avoid real life (RL) politics, religion, and other controversial RL topics in all our communication channels/platforms. Members are here to play a game, enjoy each other's company, escape RL for a bit, and have fun. Conversations should primarily be related to the game and associated events and meta activities.

Observed or reported conduct violations are reviewed by Leadership. Generally, Signal Cartel has a Two Strikes and Out policy which will be explained later.

Kill Reporting Policy

Signal Cartel members are responsible for reporting their kills (NOT their losses, unless it is a loss to CONCORD for a criminal act) to the CEO with an appropriate explanation.

To clarify:

  • Kills by a Signal Cartel member must be reported by that member, even if the kill is of another corp member as a result of, for example, a consensual training activity.
  • Any kill which lists multiple Signal Cartel members is to be reported by the FC (if it happens as part of a fleet) or the top damage dealer (if there is no FC present).
  • Kills must be reported within 48 hours of their appearance on the killboard, the sooner the better.
  • Report kills in an EVEmail to the Signal Cartel CEO.
  • Be sure to include a link to the individual kill on our KILLBOARD (not the in-game kill report, which can't be seen when not logged in).
  • Include the relevant portion of your combat log. These can be found under "Documents > EVE > logs > Gamelogs" and are named with date and time. It is recommended that you upload the full log to a site like and send the URL of the report in your email to Leadership. You MUST include the combat log when reporting any kill.

Killboard Timing Shenanigans

One thing to keep in mind about killboards is that when a ship is destroyed, any pilot who has aggressed that ship in the same system within a certain window of time (about 5 minutes) will be included on the kill report.

This means that if you take aggressive action toward a ship but don't destroy it, you still need to keep an eye on the killboard for about an hour to see if that pilot was killed within a time frame that ends up putting you on their killmail.


Signal Cartel does not declare wars, but wars are often declared against us by other corporations and alliances. While we are at war, members of the aggressor corporation may freely attack Signaleers in high security (high-sec) space. If the corporation is already at war when you joined Signal Cartel, you will not receive any notification but the top-left corner of your game client screen will contain this symbol:


While we are at war, extra caution is recommended while navigating high-sec. Here are some tips which will increase your chance of survival:

  • Avoid trade hubs (Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek, Rens) and 0.5-0.6 choke point systems along the popular routes which lead to them (ex. Uedama and Sivala).
  • Use the free Signal Cartel Relocation And Moving Service (SCRAMS) to safely move your stuff to one of the corporation bases in high-sec.
  • Use Carrier Logistics to sell your loot without having to haul it to a trade hub.

Your First 24 Hours

Many out-of-game tools and communication channels used by Signal Cartel are available to corp members only. They rely on EVE to verify your identity and corp membership. Due to the way that EVE updates your information, you may find that you are unable to access our out-of-game systems until the next EVE downtime. This could take up to 24 hours, depending on the time you joined the corp. This is entirely normal and does not mean that your application has been rejected or that there is a problem with your membership invite. However, if you are still having trouble accessing the EvE-Scout Forums 24 hours after joining, first try logging out of the forums and then logging back in. If that doesn't solve the issue, reach out to Johnny Splunk, the forums administrator, on Discord.

Despite temporarily not being able to access certain out-of-game corp assets within the first 24 hours of joining Signal Cartel, there are still a number of things you can do during this waiting period.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Enable the “Auto Reject Dueling Invitations” setting to prevent inadvertent Credo violations, as participating in duels will be viewed as directly seeking PVP.

Auto reject dueling ssgrab.png

  • Train Anchoring skill to level 1. This is an essential skill for Signaleers who wish to participate in EvE-Scout Rescue Cache program as it is required to sow a replacement rescue cache. Training Anchoring to 1 will take you just under half an hour.
    • This skillbook is available to "buy and inject" and also on the market for usually a lower price.
    • Please note that after you gain access to our corporate assets, our Quartermasters also have the Anchoring skillbook on corp contract for free - so feel free to wait!
  • Connect to our shared Thera and ESR (EvE-Scout Rescue) bookmark folders. They can be found in Alliance and Corp in-game chat channels, respectively.
  • Install Google Chrome browser. Signal Cartel uses a number of out-of-game tools, such as our co-pilot, Allison. These typically work in various browsers, but our Engineering team officially supports only Chrome.

If you have any questions or need help, please post to the in-game Alliance chat channel (we do not use the Corp channel) or the public channel of our Discord server - there will be a number of members willing to help. Even if you don’t have any questions or issues, feel free to just say hello. We’re very happy to meet you!

Who Is Who

There are a number of key personnel within Signal Cartel who you will encounter on a regular basis. These individuals are responsible for the various programs and initiatives within Signal Cartel and are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

Katia Sae

Katia Sae: Signal Cartel CEO

Yes, that Katia Sae! Katia Sae is our CEO and has the last word on issues regarding the Credo and can provide direction on its application. In addition to many other initiatives, Katia manages the Signal Cartel website and also takes care of our EVE Observatory, which is quite fitting!

Aldar Roanaok

Aldar Roanaok: Signal Cartel COO and Recruitment Manager

Aldar Roanaok is our COO and is also another point of contact for anything that you might approach Katia about. Aldar is a very experienced pilot and is active on our communication channels where he generously shares his time. He also leads the recruitment team that ensures Signal Cartel stays healthy and vibrant with new recruits.

Johnny Splunk

Johnny Splunk: EvE-Scout Enclave Executor, Head Diplomat, Signal Cartel Co-Founder, Thera Scanning

Johnny Splunk leads our alliance, EvE-Scout Enclave. In this role, he is our lead diplomat on all inter-alliance communication. He also co-founded and heads the EvE-Scout Thera scanning service, which lead to the eventual creation of Signal Cartel, which he co-founded with Mynxee.


Tamayo: Anoikis Division (AD)

Tamayo runs the Anoikis Division, a division within Signal Cartel dedicated to living in wormhole space. Tamayo is also the head of Signal Cartel within the separate EVE Echoes mobile game!

Asa Kansene

Asa Kansene: Central Services (CS)

Asa Kansene heads up the Central Services Division, which includes our quartermaster supply program, and handles everything from cleaning the corridors around station to stocking free-range freshly ground coffee for upper management. They do the jobs no one else wants to. You need it, they got it, or they'll get it!

A Dead ParrotSky Diamond

A Dead Parrot and Sky Diamond: Engineering Division (ENG)

As well as being the brains behind our co-pilot Allison, A Dead Parrot also manages our Engineering team, together with Sky Diamond. This team is responsible for creating and maintaining many of our IT tools, services, and infrastructure.


Xalyar: EvE-Scout Rescue (ESR) and Signal Cartel Academy (SCA)

Xalyar runs the EvE-Scout Rescue program within Signal Cartel that helps capsuleers stranded in wormhole space. Xalyar oversees the operations of this key service and has been instrumental to its incredible success.

The SCA is one of the newest divisions within the corporation and is set up to support new and experienced pilots developing their skills within Signal Cartel and EVE. Xalyar and his team hold regular classes and talks on subjects ranging from ESR’s 911 Operator training to null-sec politics and everything in between. As a highly experienced pilot, Xalyar is always eager to help and support your journey in Signal Cartel.

Katherine SkysongXavec

Katherine Skysong and Xavec: Fleet Operations Division (FOD)

As Co-Directors of FOD, Katherine Skysong and Xavec plan and run fleets for Signal Cartel members. These range from Abyssal space fleets and training to large Sleeper eradication fleets deep in wormhole space.

Null Flare

Null Flare: Splunkworks (SW)

Null Flare is our in-house fitting genius and runs our Splunkworks Division which specializes in developing new fits for our corporation. Null Flare can regularly be found on our Discord server and is always happy to jump in and discuss fits and ships in the fitting lab. Null Flare sometimes also plans and runs Sleeper eradication with FOD.

Next Step

Important: As soon as you gain access to the protected areas of this wiki and the corp forums, you must read the next section of the New Member Orientation Guide and complete the mandatory tasks within their stipulated timeframes. Please click here to move on to the next section.