Public:EvE-Scout Enclave Discord Server

Discord is the main out-of-game communication platform used by Signal Cartel. Our dedicated Discord server name is EvE-Scout Enclave, which is our alliance name. It's where we all go to hang out and discuss serious and not-so-serious topics. Certain channels on the server are private and available only to corp members, while other channels are open to the general public and free for all to join. We also host many New Eden pilots waiting or asking for rescue through our EvE-Scout Rescue service.

Set Up Discord

EvE-Scout Enclave, our dedicated Discord server, is found at the link below:

For New Signaleers

Joining our Discord server and properly authenticating yourself is mandatory for new corp members. Discord is also an essential tool for those wishing to take part in our EvE-Scout Rescue Cache (ESRC), Search and Rescue (SAR), and EvE-Scout Mapping programs.

After being in Signal Cartel for at least 24 hours, new members will be able to gain access to the members-only sections of our Discord server. This authorization is done through the resident version of Allison bot maintained by Sky Diamond, a fellow Signaleer.

To learn how to authorize, please follow this guide: 👉Discord Authentication Guide👈.

Doing so will grant the Signaleer role on Discord and access to all channels, both text and voice, available to members only. Check out our Discord Channel Guide for a listing of all our channels along with descriptions.

For the General Public

  • As with all Signal Cartel communication platforms, our Credo and Code of Conduct applies to our Discord server even if you're NOT in Signal Cartel.
  • For our server guests, if you would like to change your Discord display name to your in-game EVE character name, please use the /guestauth command in any public channel.

Formatting Guide

Want to know how to make your text more readable and fun? Check out Discord's Markdown Text 101 (Chat Formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline) Guide!

Ping Triggers

The following is a quick reference guide for the most used & useful triggers you can use on our Discord server to get in touch with people holding different roles.

 Note:  You can always click on a specific user on Discord to see which roles they hold, and then you can ping them directly with @username.
Ping Trigger What It Does
@everyone/@here/@Signaleer Just...don't. Trust us.
@Leadership This will ping the Founder, CEO, and COO. Do not use this, except in case of an Order 66 in progress.
@Moderator Use if something is happening on the Discord Server that requires prompt moderation action. Hateful, NSFW, not PG-13 behavior, and so on.
@Division-Manager You should never have a use for this. Once again, just don't.
@Recruiter To reach our recruiters. Keep in mind most recruiting issues will be easier to solve in-game.
@ESR-Coordinator For any EvE-Scout Rescue Cache (ESRC) or Search And Rescue (SAR) question or issue. Use this to reach your ESR Coordinators. Your first option.
@911-Operator Use this in case no ESR Coordinator responds to @ESR-Coordinator, as you can reach more people with experience in ESRC/SAR-related business with this. However, pinging for a Coordinator should be your first option.
@ESR-Admin This will get you in touch with people with admin positions within the EvE-Scout Rescue Division. Please use it appropriately and sparingly. Instead, @ESR-Coordinator and @911-Operator are usually your first and second choices, respectively.
@FOD-Admin This will get you in touch with people with admin positions within the Fleet Operations Division.
@SCA-Admin This will get you in touch with people with admin positions within the Signal Cartel Academy Division.

Slash Commands

Slash Commands are a way to interact with bots on Discord. With Slash Commands, all you have to do is type / and you're ready to use your favorite bot. You can easily see all the commands a bot has, and validation and error handling help you get the command right the first time.[1]

Allison Slash Commands

Slash Command What It Does
/coffee Request a fresh mug of coffee.
/hug Hug a fellow pilot.
/quafe Request a can of Quafe.
/random Roll a dice for a random number.
/tea Request a fresh cup of tea.
/trout Slap a fellow pilot with a large trout.
/fit Request one of your private fits for display. Click here to learn more.
/roles Show all available roles on the Signal Cartel Discord server.
/time Display current EVE Standard Time.
/timezone Show the timezone of a given Signaleer (only if they granted permission in MMA for that).
/wormhole Show the information about wormhole types.
/credo Quotes the Credo and provides a link to it.
/dii Link to the Directory of Important Information (DII).
/era Link to the Educational Resource Achive (ERA)
/esr Link to the EvE-Scout Rescue (ESR) information.
/fod Link to the Fleet Operations Division (FOD) information.
/help Link to help page about the bot's commands.
/wiki Link to The Explorer's Compendium (our wiki).
/wingspan Link to our friends at WINGSPAN Delivery Services.
/authenticate Authentication for Signaleers to gain access to our full Discord server. This command will not work for server guests. Call without token for help.
/buddy Allows a New Member to request a Buddy from Buddy Club
/esi Status of the CCP ESI interface.
/guestauth Guest authentication to change your display name to your in-game EVE character name. This command is only valid for server guests and will not work for Signaleers.
/ping Check my heartbeat.
/uptime Display the interface uptime.
/version Show the current version number of this interface.
Corp Admin
/apimaintenance Set the maintenance mode of our EvE-Scout API (Thera Scanning). Only available to Corp Admins.
/assign Modify the roles of a pilot. Only available to Corp Admins.
/buddy assign Assigns a Buddy to a New Member. Only available to Buddy Club Officers.
/pilot Show the MMA data about a given member of Signal Cartel. Only available to Recruiters.
/qmaccessed List the latest accessed corporation contracts. Only available to Quartermasters.
/qmopen List currently open corporation contracts. Only available to Quartermasters.
/statistics Fetch the statistics about command usage. Only available to Corp Admins.
/whois Query a pilots Discord user data. Only available to Corp Admins.

Built-In Slash Commands

Slash Command What It Does
/giphy Search animated GIFs on the web.
/tenor Search animated GIFs on the web.
/shrug Appends a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message.
/tableflip Appends a (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ to your message.
/unflip Appends a ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) to your message.
/tts Use text-to-speech to read the message to all members currently viewing the channel.
/me Displays text with emphasis.
/spoiler Marks your message as a spoiler.
/thread Start a new thread.
/kick Kick user.
/ban Ban user.
/msg Message user.