1420:Expedition TripTiks

Signal Cartel Expedition TripTiks are a free library of self-paced expeditions that take you to various points of interest in New Eden. From a ship wash in the Ashab system to a study in Ancient Races as well as visiting various Shattered World systems, our TripTiks provide an easy way to study and see the sights of the cluster like never before.

Our Signal Cartel TripTik Researchers are responsible for generating the Expedition TripTiks which provide a list of interesting beacons, landmarks, or other sites of interest in New Eden that would make for a fun expedition either solo or in a group. Most expeditions have a theme or are associated with a specific region of space. Each TripTik provides summarized info for each site, waypoints, travel hints, and links to external resources (like Mark726’s EVE Travel website or canon lore sources such as the Chronicles, EVE Source, or the EVE novels) for more in-depth detail.

TripTiks were created by Mynxee and inspired by similar trip planning services offered by real life companies.

TripTiks List

ID Expedition Region System Description
001 The Elder War Tour - - Reminders from the YC110 conflict.
002 Ancient Races of New Eden - - Summary expedition for Ancient Races series.
002.1 Ancient Races: Sleepers Metropolis - Part of the Ancient Races series.
002.2 Ancient Races: Takmahl Kador - Part of the Ancient Races series.
002.3 Ancient Races: Talocan The Forge Otitoh Part of the Ancient Races series.
002.4 Ancient Races: Yan Jung Sinq Laison Deltole Part of the Ancient Races series.
003 EVE Gate Expedition Genesis - A popular pilgrimage for capsuleers.
004 The Ancestral Homeworlds - - Which is your character's ancestral homeworld?
005 Fragments of Lore I - - A selection of unconnected locations mentioned in the Chronicles.
006 Choonka's Ship Wash Domain Ashab A fun site for all to visit.
007 Shattered Worlds - - Locations directly impacted by the Seyllin Incident.
008 Scholar's Voyage - - Research-related sites in New Eden.
009 Journey of Katia Sae Memorial The Forge Saisio Monument commemorating the completion of Katia Sae’s journey.
010 Jita Memorial The Forge Jita A monument to two events.
011 The Caldari-Gallente War - - This tour visits the various sites associated with the Caldari-Gallente War.
012 Eternal Rest at the Capsuleer Cemetery Khanid Molea This TripTik would take you to the location where thousands of containers holding the remains of Capsuleers rest in the quiet orbit of Molea II.
013 The Bloodbath of B-R5RB Immensea B-R5RB One of the largest player fought battles in EvE Online history.
014 Null-Sec Politics as of YC122 - - Three Null-Sec Alliances that have shaped New Eden for the past decade.
015 ONLY Named Planet in Wormhole Space F-R00030 J102834 Did you know that Eyjafjallajökull II is the only named Planet in Eve Wormhole Space?
016 City of God Devoid Shastal The ruins of an ancient Amarrian city.
017 Violent Wormhole Genesis Promised Land Visit an artificial wormhole created by Sansha’s Nation.
018 Unity Station Monument of 9UY4-H Providence 9UY4-H Visit the monument commemorating the famous Unity Station of 9-UY4H in Providence.
019 Only Named System in Syndicate Syndicate Poitot Did you know that Poitot is the only named system in Syndicate?
020 Industries of EVE - - This tour will show you how the Industries of New Eden have changed and continued to exist in the Post-Human era.
021 Empress Catiz I Honor Guard Domain Amarr See the Amarrian Honor Guard, an impressive array of might and majesty, still on station at Amarr Prime.
022 Birthday Bash Pochven Tunudan The site of the Chappy Birthday Bash.
023 Gate Clouds of New Eden - - Summary expedition for the Gate Clouds of New Eden.
023.1 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Catch Catch - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Catch.
023.2 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Cloud Ring Cloud Ring - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Cloud Ring.
023.3 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Delve Delve - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Delve.
023.4 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Feythabolis Feythabolis - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Feythabolis.
023.5 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Fountain Fountain - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Fountain.
023.6 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Tenal Tenal - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Tenal.
023.7 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Vale of the Silent Vale of the Silent - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Vale of the Silent.
023.8 Gate Clouds of New Eden: Wicked Creek Wicked Creek - Gate Clouds of New Eden in Wicked Creek.
024 The Carnival Metropolis Barkrik Abandoned Gallente trading hub and carnival site structures.
025 Mysterious Probe Essence Charmerout What is this probe doing all the way out here?
026 The Ancient Tomb Devoid Oyeman A monument associated with the first Amarr-Minmatar war.
027 Cord of the Elements Syndicate D-B7YK Visit a system where you can view the Cord of the Elements and the Intaki Retreat Center.
028 Viral Terror - - A series of sites that will take you through Low Security Space and NPC null space that hold mysteries surrounding a great disaster.
029 Unknown Operation Essence Noghere An overt Gallentean operation with two large communication towers, along with other structures.
030 First Sergeant Hakiros Lookout Vale of the Silent G5ED-Y A cosmos agent site deep in null. What is their purpose here?
031 Fatimar Outpost Catch MY-W1V Have you ever seen the Redux cut of that old movie named "Apocalypse Now"? This place looks like the French plantation in that movie!
032 Echoes of Science - - A voyage to two groundbreaking scientific endeavors that ended in tragedy, with lingering effects to this day.
033 A History of War Insmother C-J6MT A monument honoring the notorious sieges and violent battles in C-J6MT and all those involved or impacted by these events.
034 Tragedies of Exploration The Forge Jakanerva Visit a site that details the dangers of exploration.
035 True Creations Pool of Radiance Research Lab Stain 6QBH-S A Sansha facility built to study crystal cloud formations.
036 Ruins of Old Traumark Tash-Murkon Saminer Visit a system with an abandoned station surrounded by mysterious clouds and a newly rebuilt one to take its place.
037 Duvolle Gravitational Wave Observatory Solitude Gererique Visit a system where you can view the Trace Cosmos.
038 Myxhaut K8 – Waste Yard Metropolis Eurgrana An abandoned trash waste yard.
039 Tranquility Trading Tower Landmark The Forge Perimeter Visit a once-grand player-owned trading tower.
040 Kabar Terraforming Installation Everyshore Mannar A site shrouded in mystery, harboring whispers and speculations regarding a potential occurrence of biological warfare.
041 The Legends Trial Arena Cloud Ring PPG-XC Visit a famous dueling tournament, ‘The Legends Trial’ Cosmos Site.
042 Minmatar Rebellion - - Explore the Minmatar's liberation from the Amarr by journeying to historical sites and battlefields from the Minmatar Rebellion of BYC20.
043 The Order of St. Tetrimon Fortress Monastery Domain Thebeka Visit a grand symbol of faith and influence in the Amarr Empire.
044 The Tain Wicked Creek DUO-51 Visit a sight in DUO-51, where law enforcement uses a criminal's opulent residence as a base.
045 Embers of Liberation Heimatar Pator Visit a sight that shaped Karin Midular's destiny from an orphan to a key figure in Matars history.
046 Eve Travel Agency Genesis Mozzidit Traverse the stars and celebrate the spirit of discovery.
047 Expedition Office Anoikis Thera Visit a once-imposing Gallente station, now scorched and silent.
048 The Glass Edge Metropolis Nakugard “In Rust We Trust”
049 The Games of New Eden - - Come see the different games played across New Eden.
050 A Shattered Legacy Domain Safizon Explore the location where Empress Jamyl's influence in New Eden came to an end.
051 Pioneer's Sanctuary Tenal ZH3-BS Explore a covert narcotics manufacturing facility, steeped in secrecy and intrigue.
052 A Cataclysmic Event Metropolis Turnur Visit a system where a Stellar Transmuter triggered a cataclysmic explosion.
053 Project Discovery Phase Two Monument Genesis Pakhshi Check out the monument for the second phase of project discovery.
054 Port Maphante Kador Garisas Visit a site in the Garisas System that closely resembles a Castle.
055 Amarr Military Brigade Catch HY-RWO In the heart of Catch, a select few Amarrian battleships, encircled by a swarm of agile frigates, lie in anticipation, poised for a decisive strike.
056 Massacres at M2-XFE Monument Delve M2-XFE Deep in Delve lies a Mausoleum. The structure broadcasts a deep and scary sound which serves as white background noise for those brave enough to travel to this forgotten place.
057 Minecore Feythabolis K-X5AX A group of freelance Miners and Mercenaries had ventured deep into Feythabolis in search of valuable asteroids and gas clouds rumored to be in this dangerous territory.
058 Battle of Ratillose Monument Solitude Ratillose Visit part of the Federation Navy Grand Prix Event and a Historical Battle.
059 Questionable Ethics Metropolis Lanngisi Visit two former psychiatric facilities with a dark history.
060 Chribba Monument Domain Amarr Visit Chribba's monument in Amarr.
061 Steve Memorial Esoteria C9N-CC Visit the wreck of the first capsuleer owned Titan in New Eden history and pay your respects by visiting this site!
062 Ammatar Industry - - Visit two positive examples of the Nefantar Tribe's legacy.
063 Machine Head Metropolis Hjoramold Visit a long-abandoned laboratory belonging to an eccentric and possibly long-dead scientist.
064 Abandoned CRC Monitoring Station Metropolis Arnher Explore a site in low-security space that lies in ruins, its operator vanished without a trace.
065 Nugoeihuvi Recruitment - - Visit the Nugoeihuvi corporation's recruitment and outreach facilities. Maybe you'll want to join up!
066 Shady Impetus Sites - - Visit two relatively discreet facilities belonging to Impetus, one of the cluster's top entertainment companies.
067 Malkalen Attack Memorial Lonetrek Malkalen A memorial honoring the innocents who perished on May 15th YC110, when a Gallente Admiral rammed his Nyx-class supercarrier into the Malkalen Economic Summit, killing over 421,000 people.
068 Caldari Union Day YC123 Monuments - - Finished just in time for the Caldari State Workers Union Day of YC123, these two monuments are some of the most recent investments by the Caldari State in preserving their history.
069 Caldari Navy Stronghold and Outpost - - Visit two sites where the Caldari State have gained a foothold in Syndicate.
070 Municipal Junkyard Sinq Laison Deltole Visit a Junkyard in space where all sorts of odds and ends can be seen!
071 The Solari Constructs Pochven Wirashoda Visit a System that was once part of the Forge and now lies in ruin and abandonment in the Krai Veles border area in Pochven.
072 Emperor Doriam II Memorial Kor-Azor Kor-Azor Prime Visit a statue honoring former Amarr Emperor Doriam II, who quickly developed a reputation as a peacemaker over his short reign until meeting an untimely end.
073 Elder War Monuments - - Commissioned by Amarr Empress Catiz I, these monuments honor those who lost their lives during the Elder War of YC110 and accompany rebuilt Amarr stations that were devastated in the invasion.
074 Katia’s Grand Tour - - Embark on a journey that will take you across New Eden and visit numerous sites from Katia's Grand Tour.
075 Caldari Political Factions - - These sprawling facilities were established by the new Caldari corporate blocs that rose in the wake of the Battle of Caldari Prime as places to coordinate their activities and projects.
076 Nidupad Complexes Kador Nidupad You can't get any closer to the Emperor than this.
077 Blood Raiders Pilgrimage - - Visit religious Blood Angels locations.
078 The Lowsec Gate to Stain Stain F7-ICZ Visit a groundbreaking monument that marks one of four innovative gateways unveiled during the esteemed Stargate Trailblazer Event, reshaping the landscape of New Eden.
079 Roden Shipyards and Roden Center Placid Vlillirier Visit the Roden shipyards, where magnificent vessels of all kinds are meticulously crafted. This site continues the tradition from a different system outside of Iyen-Oursta.
080 A Hermit's Retreat Metropolis Eram Ever wanted to get away from it all? This cozy retreat might be the place for you!
081 Guristas Outposts - - Visit two Guristas outposts and a full-fledged recruitment facility, all located deep within Caldari Space.
082 Arek’Jaalan Site One: Antiquus Metropolis Eram Visit the headquarters of the Arek’Jaalan research effort and learn about the dozens of projects stored within.
083 Karishal Muritor Memorial Heimatar Auga Can a static statue convey strong emotions? Absolutely. In the Auga System, there exists such a statue.
084 Serpentis Distribution Outpost Syndicate 8V-SJJ Visit a Site where the Serpentis Corporation, the leading manufacturer and smuggler of illegal drugs in New Eden, distributes its products.

How Do I Use Them?

It's simple: choose an expedition that sounds like fun, fit up your ship, maybe gather some friends, and chart a route using the waypoints in the selected TripTik. Capsuleers prompted by the information in the TripTik will hopefully learn more about the interesting things discovered there. Take note that some sites may lack bookmarks, so consult the trip notes in each TripTik for instructions on warping to beacons from your overview. If you are unsure of how to view beacons in your overview there is a guide here.

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Why Are They Free?

Signal Cartel, as part of the EvE-Scout Enclave alliance, is a service-oriented corporation. Expedition TripTiks are just one more service we provide to the community because it is fun to do and also because it's a neat way for our explorers to collect their favorite New Eden locations, lore, and history into a format that can be enjoyed by others in space. We hope that our TripTiks will inspire more pilots to explore the many and varied points of interest across the cluster and lead to a greater appreciation for the vastness and complexity of our universe and those who populate it. If you really enjoy the work that a particular Researcher has put into an Expedition TripTik, tell them thanks by tossing an ISK donation their way.

I'm Not in Signal Cartel; Can I Submit an Expedition?

Our TripTik program is for Signal Cartel members only. However, you can collaborate with a Signal Cartel member on a TripTik and receive co-authorship credit.

TripTik Curator

Jen Hoshi currently oversees TripTik development, publication, and contributor payouts.

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Contact Jen Hoshi, our TripTiks Curator, or join us in our EvE-Scout in-game public channel.