Public:Co-Pilot "Allison"

The Signal Cartel Co-Pilot, named Allison (Artificial Life Limited In Scope to On-board Navigation), was created by A Dead Parrot in early YC119 to aid our Rescue pilots in their work. She is able to communicate using both speech and a terminal screen.

Allison's interface
Allison's interface

As Signal Cartel pilots travel throughout New Eden, Allison monitors their location so she can report relevant information when a pilot enters a new system. Her primary function is to notify pilots of the status of both rescue caches and active search and rescue requests in the current wormhole system.

Apart from this, Allison also reports on wormhole class, recent kills in the system, as well as offering d-scan and bookmarking reminders. In k-space, Allison is able to report on kills on both sides of all stargates in a given system. All information Allison speaks out loud is also duplicated in print on her terminal screen, visible in an external browser.

Our pilots typically begin a session of flying in New Eden by loading the Allison app in a browser window. Not only is she helpful for the reasons listed above; she is also a chatty traveling companion, more than happy to offer up weather reports, recite haiku, and speculate on the meaning of life.

To learn more about the development of our custom Co-Pilot AI, be sure to check out this brilliant backstory chronicle, as told by Cassandra Habalu. You can see Allison in action in this EvE-Scout Rescue introductory video by Lucas Ballard: