Public:Recently Kicked from Signal Cartel and Wonder Why?

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Note to Signaleers: If you see a player asking in our public EvE-Scout in-game channel why they were recently kicked, please refer them to this page.

Kicked for Credo violations?

  • Player will receive an email indicating why
  • Typically banned from rejoining

Kicked without notice?

  • Joining Signal Cartel and then not logging in after the first week or so
  • Failure to make an introductory post on the forums within 72 hours of joining, as directed in the welcome letter that all new members automatically receive the instant they join the corp
  • Long window of inactivity (based on last login date)

How to Rejoin Signal Cartel:

Were you Kicked without notice for inactivity?

  • Players are welcome to reapply by submitting a new application on our website, once the rejoin timer expires.
  • It is strongly advised to include meaningful statements in the "Message" and "Credo" fields of the new application. Simply stating "former member looking to return" with no other effort put into your app is likely to result in recruiters declining your app. Recruiters want to see engagement by our members and an understanding of what we are about, and that starts with your application.

Were you Kicked for a policy violation?

  • Player's ability to rejoin depends on the circumstances.


Reach out to the Leadership Team or a recruiter in our public EvE-Scout in-game channel.


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