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The Signal Cartel Custom Overview Pack is tailored towards exploration. While it will perform well in other scenarios such as PvE and PvP, it does not feature as many presets as some of the more specialized overviews available elsewhere. This overview pack is meant to be a lightweight, user-friendly, no-nonsense alternative for veterans and new players alike!

The best way to discover the benefits of using the Signal Cartel Overview Pack is a visual comparison:

The Signal Cartel Overview Pack was created by Bernard Lachapelle.

General Instructions

But first, a disclaimer:


How to Export Your Current Overview Settings

Protip: If you are in-station, type /Open Overview Settings in any chat window to open your overview settings without having to undock!

(if the animated GIF does not load, please click here.) overview_export.gif

How to Reset Your Overview

Regardless of install method (see below), it is recommended to reset your overview to default settings.
  1. In-game, click the Overview window's hamburger button (on the upper left) and then click "Open Overview Settings" or if you are in-station, type /Open Overview Settings in any chat window (if this window isn't already open).
  2. Click the "Misc" tab
  3. Click "Reset All Overview Settings" button

How to Install The Signal Cartel Overview Pack

Please note: When installing the overview pack, please install the three "Signal Cartel's Overview Packs" IN ORDER. 

For the General Public

Option 1
  1. Directly join the Explorer's Overview in-game channel.
  2. Follow the listed instructions
Option 2
  1. Join the EvE-Scout public in-game channel (and chat with us!)
  2. Click the "Explorer's Overview" link to join the in-game channel.
  3. Follow the listed instructions

For Signal Cartel Members Only

The "Explorer's Overview" in-game channel link can be found in the following places:

  • Our Corp in-game channel under the MOTD
  • The in-game Corp Bulletins
    • Neocom → Social → Corporation → Home → Bulletins under "B1: First Steps as a New Member"

Layout and Presets

Now it's time to take a look at the preset tabs and discuss the scenarios in which they'll work best!

  • Your overview should now look similar to this:


Note: Unless overruled by a specific preset (e.g: ">FRIENDS" or ">FOES"), all players will appear on all tabs, ensuring you can spot potentially hostile players from any tab you might be on at the time.

Tab Overview


  • Rather self-explanatory, when you are moving about going from Point A to Point B and need quick access to stations, stargates, citadels, ... that's the tab you'll want to use.


  • Only the essential when out exploring, containers, the sun, wormholes and plenty of room to instantly spot anything that shouldn't be on grid with you. (be it NPCs or players)


  • Again, it's all in the name. Got something that needs fighting, this is the tab you need.


  • Now that's where it gets interesting, this tab is the dedicated preset tab. Need to see wrecks? Load ">LOOT", fancy a bit of mining for the day? Load ">MINING", so on so forth.

Here is the list of all the presets that come with the overview:

  • ">COLLIDABLES" - will display all nearby collidable items, useful when sneaking around a site with your cloak on.
  • ">COMBAT" - should be loaded by default in the "COMBAT" tab, does NOT include drones and fighters.
  • ">COMBAT + DRONES" - combat variant with drones and fighters
  • ">EXPLORATION" - should be loaded by default in the "EXPLORATION" tab.
  • ">EXPLORATION + POS" - exploration variant with starbases.
  • ">FOES" - will only show hostile players
  • ">FRIENDS" - will show only friendly players
  • ">GTFO" - displays just about anything you can warp to in your current system (the "F" stand stands for "Frick")
  • ">LITERALLY EVERYTHING" - I don't think I need to explain that one.
  • ">LOOT" - will show wrecks, cargo containers, MTUs, ... the loot stuff.
  • ">MINING" - Rock & Stone, to the bone!
  • ">TRAVEL" - should be loaded by default in the "TRAVEL" tab.

And here is how it all works!

(if the animated GIF does not load, please click here.)


Nice and easy, nothing confusing. If you ever need something specific for say abyssal running, just create a new preset with everything you need and plonk it in that tab, you'll get to enjoy all the features without having to mess with the tabs or anything!

If you ever want to tweak the already existing presets, please click here

Will This Overview Be Kept Up to Date?

Bernard Lachapelle has pledged to keep this overview up-to-date until otherwise noted.

Bernard states, "As long as I remain within Signal Cartel, I will ensure that this overview remains as up-to-date as it gets, no more funny business getting blapped by invisible triangles; and if I ever were to 'win EVE', I'm sure you can figure out how to do all that stuff on your own, it's not that hard!"


  • Please reset your overview and reinstall the overview pack again to ensure you're up-to-date with the latest version (Version 1.4)!
  • If you've modified the overview to your taste and do not want to lose these modifications, feel free to add it manually where you see fit. (cf Changelog below)
Version 1.4 (7-19-21)
Created ">EXPLORATION + POS" preset.
- ">EXPLORATION" + all entities in the 'Starbase' category.
Added "Destructible Sentry Gun" to ">COMBAT", ">COMBAT + DRONES" and ">EXPLORATION"
- I thought I had done that last update, but I didn't, apologies. You are now able to see sleeper tower, edencom starguns and triglavian werposts.
Version 1.3 (6-14-21)
- Added "Mobile Observatory" to '>EXPLORATION', '>TRAVEL', '>COMBAT', '>COMBAT + DRONES' and '>LITERALLY EVERYTHING'
- Added "Destructible Sentry Gun" to '>EXPLORATION', '>TRAVEL', '>COMBAT', '>COMBAT + DRONES'
Versions 1.1 and 1.2
- General bug fixes and refinements