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My name is Katia Sae and due to a mysterious yet generous gift, I’ve recently graduated and joined the ranks of Caldari capsuleer’s. I can feel the call of my Achura bloodline within me, wishing to explore the stars. It is my desire to explore all of New Eden, one system at a time.

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((OOC: With the Dominion expansion and the re-beautifying effort of the planets and stars, I’ve established a long term goal of visiting each and every planet in every system. In this blog, I hope to share this characters experience along the way. K-Space exploration begun on 1st December 2009 and completed on 26th November 2015. Wormhole space completed on 9th March 2019.))

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Caldari
  • Bloodline: Achura – Stargazer
  • Blood Type: A-
  • Date of Birth: 31 March, YC85
  • Place of Birth: Saisio III (Achura)
  • Height: 173cm (5’8″)
  • Weight: 61kg (135 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Licensed: 21 October, YC111
  • Corporation: Signal Cartel
  • Occupation: Explorer, Astrophotographer
  • Specialization: Exploration, Planetologist
  • Education: Caldari State War Academy
  • Religion: Stargazer
  • Affiliation: Caldari, Sisters of EVE, EVE-Scout
  • Vessels: Jester’s Trek, Wanderer, Pioneer, Cosmos, Voyager, Discovery, Sojourner
  • Remarks: Sailing Forbidden Seas
  • Awards: (Click on the medal for details or see Medals and Decorations)

Katia Sae is a Caldari capsuleer born 31 March, YC85 on Saisio III (Achura) in the Okomon Constellation, The Forge Region. Achur pilots have only recently taken to the stars and true to her ancestry she is considered a Stargazer among her people. Her exploration endeavors, having explored all of the New Eden cluster, both known and wormhole space, leaves little doubt to her dedication and desire to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Early Life (YC85 – YC103)
Katia’s parents embraced the Caldari culture and lifestyle whole heartedly. Both were successful and respected in their professions working for the Lai Dai Corporation. Her father, a senior vice president, worked on the starship manufacturing side, and her mother worked in accounting. Her parents didn’t exactly shun their Achura ancestry, they simply saw their life as the future of their homeworld and a way to provide for their family. Katia, however, never really understood and usually found herself at odds with her parents.

Much to her Grandfathers delight, Katia had a spirit about her that not only embraced her heritage, it also defined the core of her soul. Quiet, shy, and very much an introvert, Katia would spend hours gazing at the heavens. She was the epitome of her Achura bloodline, the Stargazers. Her Grandfather only encouraged her behavior to the disapproval of her parents. Sadly, he passed away when she was a teenager, but his influence inspired her to be true to herself and follow her heart to the stars.

Formal Education and Tour of Duty (YC103 – YC111)
Upon completing her junior education it was completely understood, at least from her parents perspective, that she would attend the Lai Dai Corporation University School of Engineering. With her father’s influence, she was already slated for starship design and engineering. However, having come of legal age, she was notified and received an anonymous grant on one condition, that she apply and attend the Caldari State War Academy and become a capsuleer. It’s well known that the financing, let alone the influence required to be accepted in the capsuleer program, was high.

Her parents were clueless as to who or why such a grant would be offered to their only child. Katia however, had a suspicion from a personal note that came with the notification, “Sail the dangerous seas and see the stars”, her Grandfather who had passed away years before. She didn’t know how he could possibly have the isk or the influence, but it seemed he did. She was accepted into the capsuleer program, completed her education at the Academy, and finished her tour of duty with the Caldari State. Needless to say, her parents disowned her for the most part.

Sailing Dangerous Seas (1st Dec, YC111 to 9th March YC121)
Phase I: Empire Space (1st Dec, YC111 – 4th July, YC116)
After finishing her tour of duty, Katia’s eyes turned towards what her heart and dreams had always wanted, to see all the stars and their planets in the New Eden Cluster. So, on the 1st of December, YC111, she began her exploration of K-Space (Known Space) starting with the Empires in her home system of Saisio. The timing was perfect, because up until that time, the optical systems for the capsuleers were basic at best. The engineers, believing that a capsuleer should be focused on their ships and not seeing the sights, represented the planets with basic icons with minimal backgrounds. But that mentality changed and new optical cameras and systems made their way into the capsuleers ships. For the first time, the planets, stars, and nebula, were seen as if being viewed with the naked eye. Her first images taken can be found here where you can see the pre and post image upgrades.

Over the course of the next four months, until the 21st of March, YC112, Katia captured the images of all the planets in each system she visited in Empire space in the Forge and Lonetrek regions. Unfortunately, she had to break from her exploration to return home due to her father’s poor and failing health. She found the homecoming to be somewhat disquieting, as her family still dejected her and even eyed her as something inhuman.

Overall Exploration Statistics
% Explored Total
K-Space 100% 5,201 5,201
W-Space 100% 2,604 2,604
K-Space (Jove) 0.4% 1 230
Overall 97% 7,806 8,035
Ships Lost 0
Pods Lost 0

After spending a year trying to be reaccepted into her family with some success, her father’s health improved to the point she felt comfortable enough to return to her explorations. Her journey started once again on the 13th of February, YC113. She managed to go for another ten months, exploring both high and low security systems in Empire space before receiving word about her father again. She returned home to find his failing health was far more serious this time around and decided to remain by his bedside until his passing a year later.

Not having been on the best terms with her family, though somewhat repaired, the passing of her father devastated Katia. She spent the next year, grieving, reflecting, and reevaluating her life. Mostly she spent as much time as she could with her friends as well as trying to further repair her relationship with her mother. In time, she worked through her grief and with the encouragement of her friends, even with her mother’s blessing, Katia returned to the stars.

With a vengeance, on the 1st of March, YC116, Katia resumed her exploration of K-Space finally completing Empire space on the 4th of July, YC116. That accounted for 1,907 systems explored.

Phase II: Null Sec Space (9th July, YC116 – 26th Nov, YC117)

W-Space Exploration Statistics
% Explored Total
Class 1 100% 358 358
Class 2 100% 537 537
Class 3 100% 506 506
Class 4 100% 523 523
Class 5 100% 531 531
Class 6 100% 118 118
Class 12 100% 1 1
Class 13 100% 25 25
Class 14 100% 1 1
Class 15 100% 1 1
Class 16 100% 1 1
Class 17 100% 1 1
Class 18 100% 1 1
Total 100% 2,604 2,604

With barely a pause in her momentum, Katia continued her explorations into Null Sec space. She knew this would be, perhaps, the most dangerous leg of her journey. In Empire space, there were often gate camps in the trade routes between High and Low security systems. Even though there were a few close calls where she was caught on a gate, the focus had never really been about her. In Null Sec, with no major alliance affiliations to back her up or allies to speak of, she could become the focal point of eager defenders thinking she was threat.

On the 9th of July, YC116, she resumed her journey, found a wormhole connection from Low Sec to Null, and made the jump, finding herself in the Stain Region. Almost immediately, the hunt began. On more than one occasion, she was actively hunted, chased, gate camped, taunted, ridiculed, but mostly, she found the citizens of Null Sec quiet and just as paranoid as Empire space, most often jumping out of system upon her arrival. For as many times as she was treated badly, there were many more that encouraged her and wished her well.

After a year and four months exploring Null Sec, she only docked once in order to join Signal Cartel, a corporation of like-minded explorers. The Corp Credo resonated with her spirit and she found she had no choice but to join. Her longest stretch for not docking was ten months. Then on the 26th of November, YC117, she completed her exploration of Null Sec and thus completed all of K-Space making that 5,201 systems explored.

Perhaps the single most impressive feat about her exploration of K-Space was not only the fact she had visited every planet in every system accounting for over 45,000 images, it was also the fact she didn’t lose a single ship while exploring the 5,201 systems. You can view her flight log to see the dates and route.

Phase III: Wormhole Space (3rd Jan, YC118 to 9th March YC121)
Perhaps her greatest challenge yet, Katia has completed exploring wormhole space which started in Thera on 3.1.yc118 and finished on 9.3.yc121. She was welcomed upon her arrival in Thera with a signature Signal Cartel Hugs Fleet from her Corp mates and again in her home system of Saisio upon the completion of her journey. She also maintained her record of not losing a single ship during the entire journey.

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