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EvE-Scout Rescue (ESR) - New Eden's Premier Wormhole Rescue Service



Helping Lost Explorers


EvE-Scout Rescue (ESR) is a division of Signal Cartel. ESR was created to help stranded capsuleers in Wormhole Space and consists of two programs:

  • EvE-Scout Rescue Cache (ESRC)
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)

Previously, for pilots without probes, the only way out was to self-destruct or try their luck with the locals.

Katia Sae, CEO of Signal Cartel, made a great blog post that gives a general overview of the rescue process:

Stranded in a wormhole? What now?

Testimonials from Rescued Capsuleers

EvE-Scout Rescue FAQ

Q: Help! I'm stranded in a wormhole. What do I do?
A: Please head over to Signal Cartel 911 and submit a live request. Within minutes, a Signal Cartel 911 dispatcher will contact you in-game to begin your rescue.
Q: I live in this wormhole. Do your rescue operations present any threat to me?
A: Wormhole space is, by design, lawless and unconquerable. It is these qualities that necessitate our rescue programs in the first place! While we respect the inhabitants of every wormhole, it is not feasible to try to contact wormhole locals or residents regarding our operations in "their" system. Because wormholes do not allow for sovereignty, it is impossible to tell for certain who "owns" a hole.
 But have no fear! The resources we leave behind do not provide any actionable intel nor do we share information about our travels with any third parties. Additionally, our pilots are instructed to avoid placing rescue caches within d-scan range of POSes or Citadels whenever possible, so as to reduce d-scan clutter and potentially unwanted traffic near an anchored structure.
 For further inquiries regarding EvE-Scout Rescue's initiatives or policies, or to discuss any concerns you might have about rescue operations in the wormhole where you reside, please contact the head of our rescue division Xalyar via EVEMail.
Q: Why do you do this? What's in it for you?
A: The pilots of Signal Cartel, the core corporation of the  EvE-Scout Enclave alliance, abide by a strict  Credo that emphasizes service to the capsuleer community of New Eden, respect to all regardless of affiliation or playstyle, non-aggression, friendship, kindness, and grace under pressure.
 Within Signal Cartel, each pilot is encouraged to participate in and invent ways to embody all that the Credo envisions. Our rescue programs are merely one of the myriad ways our pilots strive to live up to that high calling.
 There are many reasons capsuleers fly in New Eden: glory, fame, riches. Our pilots do so to be a part of one of the greatest stories of our time. We derive our glory, fame, and personal reward from the magnificent narrative tapestry we are weaving together. One of our favorite corporate pastimes is sharing with one another stories of successful rescues that occur as the result of our various rescue programs. We are grateful to you for granting us this unique opportunity!

EvE-Scout Rescue Cache FAQ

EvE-Scout Rescue Cache Poster 1.png
Q: What is the Rescue Cache program?
A: The EvE-Scout Rescue Cache (ESRC) program, founded in early YC 118 by Forcha Alendare, provides a basic emergency resource kit for capsuleers stranded in wormholes, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or playstyle.
 ESRC is only one facet of the EvE-Scout Rescue division, a dedicated group of Signal Cartel pilots who have answered to call of service to the greater New Eden community. As well as being a service to the EVE community, this program provides Signal Cartel members an opportunity to expand their exploration experiences, wormhole lifestyle, and gameplay content.
Q: What is a rescue cache?
A: A rescue cache is a small secure container that contains one (1) core probe launcher and eight (8) core scanner probes (and, usually, a few "hugs" [fireworks, snowballs] or other trinkets for fun) which is anchored somewhere in a wormhole.
 When a capsuleer is stranded and in need, they can contact Signal Cartel 911 for assistance. If the contents of a cache meet the stranded capsuleer's need, the scout will look up the rescue cache's location and password, provide these to the stranded pilot, and assist them in locating and gaining access to it.
Q: Who won't be helped by a rescue cache?
A: Because a rescue cache is a small secure container that contains a minimum of one (1) core probe launcher and eight (8) core scanner probes, it will not be any help to you if you do not already have a probe launcher fitted to your ship, if you do not have a way to change your fit in your current wormhole, or if you no longer have a ship at all!  
 In these cases, be sure to contact us to arrange for a Search and Rescue request to go out to our network of rescue pilots.  

EvE-Scout Search and Rescue FAQ

EvE-Scout SAR Poster 1.png
Q: What is the Search and Rescue program?
A: The EvE-Scout Search and Rescue (SAR) program is one arm of our EvE-Scout Rescue (ESR) division. In situations where no rescue cache is present, our SAR program strives to facilitate a live rescue by one of our scouts. This service is offered to all pilots, regardless of alliance, sovereignty, or playstyle.
Q: So, what will this cost me?
A: We do not charge any fee for our search and rescue service, and our pilots will never solicit payment from you. However, while no payment is required, a tip is always appreciated! The amount of this gratuity, if anything, is completely up to you to determine.
Q: Who won't be helped by search and rescue?
A: While our SAR pilots will do their very best to locate the wormhole system where you are stranded, we cannot offer any guarantees as to when or even if we will be able to locate you and effect a rescue. Due to the constant flux of wormhole connections, there is no way to be sure we will locate an entrance to your system in a timely fashion.
 Please also note that SAR does not conduct searches for specific wormholes, due to the  Signal Cartel Credo's requirement of maintaining neutrality. While we will not be able to help with these sorts of wormhole search requests, we are happy to recommend the following service(s) provided by other citizens of New Eden: Wingspan Delivery Services: Wormhole Location